I have always been in front of a camera, my mother herself was a professional photographer. 
I started to grow my love for photography in high school where I took both videography and photography courses. I was able to grow and develop my style of photography and loved it so much that I decided to minor in photography when I went to college.
During my experience in college, I was able to learn how to edit, use light to get the effect I wanted, and developed my 'why' in the way I captured each photo.
I personally have a passion for helping others, and one way that I am able to do that in my photos is by telling my client's story. Truly and honestly. Being able to capture a moment in someone's story brings me joy.
Another passion of mine is justice and equality. When I am able to do more of my freelance photography, I look towards these themes when creating my work. In one of my bigger projects and series, I  focused on Black women and our story, the way it was meant to be told. We are beautiful, strong yet human, bold and confident, yet quiet and content, We are all different in our own unique ways and to be able to capture those moments were amazing and refreshing for us all. We are art and we deserve to be shown in that light.
Photography gives people an insight into who they are, who they want to be, or creates an opportunity for them to figure it out.
When I take pictures I look for the story that has yet been told. Creating not only moments but memories of a lifetime.